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Expo 2015 Milan: Feeding the Planet, energy for life


Universal Expositions, or Expo, are international fairs held generally at five year intervals nowadays featuring a chosen theme. The earliest national Expo was the French industrial expo of 1844, and the first World Expo was The Great Exhibition of Crystal Palace in Hyde Park, London, in 1851. The theme of the 2010 Expo in Shanghai was Better City – Better Life.

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Member State choices on Pillar 1 implementation revealed


Details of Member State decisions on aspects of Pillar 1 implementation are now available on the website of DG Agriculture and Rural Development. The information provided is a summary of the notifications provided by Member States to the Commission and represents the state of play as at 23 January 2015. It covers the basic payment (or Single Area Payment); the greening measures; the redistributive payment; support in areas with natural constraints; and coupled support. In addition the decisions made by Member States on transferring funding between Pillars are outlined.

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Food Security – a motivating force for useful policy change?


Some reflections on how the post 2007/8 commodity price spikes raised food security up the political agenda and some of the consequential impacts.

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Some thoughts on the CAP post 2020


Conversations about the future of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) have started in different parts of Europe as a new Commissioner takes up his post and the implications of the final version of the 2013 reform become more apparent. This short paper draws on some exploratory dialogues in which IEEP’s agriculture team has been involved over the last few months. It combines the thoughts of others with some of our own reflections, both on what to expect and what might be most welcome in any future CAP; if there will be another CAP, some might speculate. We suspect there will be.

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Member State choices on Pillar 1 implementation revealed

Details of Member State decisions on aspects of Pillar 1 implementation are now available on the website of DG Agriculture and Rural... Read in full

Environment undermined in CAP deal

IEEP press release on the revised Common Agricultural Policy. Read in full

Co-financing remerges as crucial issue in last round of CAP negotiations

Negotiations on the reform of the CAP are entering their last stage. The European Parliament is challenging the Council deal concluded in... Read in full

General Approach on CAP agreed by Ministers: Trialogue discussions now underway

After lengthy deliberations, on 19 March, the Agriculture Council agreed its negotiating mandate on the CAP reform package of legislative texts. This... Read in full

A greener EU budget in the balance: the 2014-2020 MFF deal

The unprecedented cuts in the EU’s future spending plans, agreed by Heads of State and Government in early February, have been much... Read in full

Will Europe’s soil carbon stores be better protected by the revised GAEC framework?

One of the key elements of the current CAP reform, aimed at protecting existing carbon stocks, so far appears to have been... Read in full

Principles of Double Funding - implications for the CAP debate

This IEEP briefing paper written on behalf of the UK Land Use Policy Group (LUPG) explores the issue of double funding in... Read in full