Developing a More Comprehensive Rationale for EU Funding for the Environment

The publication of the Land Use Policy Group's (LUPG) vision for the future of the CAP signalled the start of a process rather than an end point. During the launch event in March 2009, a substantial number of questions were raised by the various speakers and members of the audience. In response, LUPG commissioned a series of IEEP discussion papers to address these questions. It is hoped that these papers will prove useful as part of informing the continuing debate on the future of the CAP after 2013.

The third paper in the series is entitled 'Developing a More Comprehensive Rationale for EU Funding for the Environment'. Society now faces an unprecedented environmental challenge and it is widely agreed that a failure to take immediate will have wide-reaching economic and welfare consequences. The paper evaluates the case for using state intervention to reverse existing environmental degradation and deliver improvements, before focusing specifically on the rationale for intervening at the European level. It argues for the 'added value' of an EU-wide environmental policy framework, with a proportion of funding originating from a common budget. Finally, the paper asserts that re-orientating the CAP post 2013, so that it supports the provision of environmental good and services, strengthens the case for having a common policy at EU level.

The full paper can be downloaded here.

The first paper in the series entitled 'Achieving a transition away from CAP direct payments' can be viewed here.

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01 Jul 2010




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