Land Stewardship in England post 2013: CAP greening and agri-environment

The relationship between Pillar 1 greening measures and Pillar 2 agri-environment schemes continues to be an extremely contentious element of the debate around the future CAP. In whatever form the greening measures are introduced, they will present both challenges and opportunities for agri-environment schemes and the farmers participating in them. Understanding this relationship is important to ensure that any re-design of such schemes to take account of the new greening requirements improves the environmental potential of the CAP as envisioned in the Commission’s proposals.

In consultation with a wide range of stakeholders, this new report by Cumulus Consultants and IEEP for the National Trust and Co-operative Farms explores the potential impacts of CAP greening on England’s entry-level agri-environment scheme (Entry Level Stewardship) and how a future scheme could be designed to deliver more for the environment whilst ensuring the long term sustainability of farming. Culminating in a series of recommendations to Defra and Natural England, the report highlights the importance of: maintaining farmer confidence in agri-environment schemes; securing a level of funding which is sufficient to build on existing achievements; and using the flexibility envisioned in the proposed rural development regulation to use rural development measures in a joined up way to enhance the overall effectiveness of environmentally sustainable farming in England.

The report can be accessed here.

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18 Jan 2013