May 2012

Addressing the EU’s biodiversity goals through the CAP

14 MAY 2012

What is the relationship between the management of agricultural land and biodiversity? To what extent are the EU’s biodiversity goals addressed through the CAP?

These questions form the focus on a new study by IEEP for DG Agriculture. It is based on a thorough review of the relationship between agriculture and biodiversity and considers how policies, particularly the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), have worked in terms of their design, coordination and implementation for sustaining biodiversity and associated ecosystem services through agriculture, and how their role can be enhanced in the future to contribute towards meeting the EU’s biodiversity goals.

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An assessment of the CAP reform proposals

03 MAY 2012

In this report, LEI assesses the degree of simplification achieved in the CAP reform proposals. The assessment looks at the potential impact of the ten key simplification aspects and the legislative proposals on three main stakeholders (farmers, national authorities and the European Commission).

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Entry-level agri-environment payments

01 MAY 2012

IEEP has just completed a study of all 88 RDPs in the EU-27 and created the first typology of entry-level agri-environment management actions and their potential contribution to EU environmental objectives. Case studies in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Italy, Poland and the UK show how these payments are used to incentivise environmental management just above the reference level, and how schemes are targeted, designed and revised.

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