June 2012

Maximising Environmental Benefits through Ecological Focus Areas

11 JUN 2012

A new IEEP report identifies some of the key factors to consider on how to get the most for the environment out of the Ecological Focus Area (EFA) measure under the proposals for the greening of direct payments. Based on the literature, past experience and a seminar Brussels, the report aims to identify the key parameters that need to be addressed in a new policy.

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Efra report examines the 'Greening' proposals for the CAP

08 JUN 2012

The Efra Committee’s inquiry report Greening the Common Agricultural Policy states that the one-size-fits all approach proposed by the Commission to green the CAP under Pillar 1 could negatively impact food security and is unlikely to deliver the desired environmental improvements. Instead, the report recommends developing a flexible approach to ‘greening’ that would enable individual Member States to decide measures tailored to their local circumstances and in line with their existing agri-environment schemes under Pillar 2.

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