March 2009

The Economic Downturn - The Challenge for Agriculture

IEEP, 17 MAR 2009

In this CAP2020 Policy Briefing, written by IEEP, we examine some of the possible impacts of the economic downturn on the agricultural sector, and some of the implications for the policy environment. We analyse the way in which agriculture is being factored into the current set of economic recovery plans, and how comfortably the sector could sit within any future ‘Green New Deal’, promoted by some as providing the means to unite long term economic recovery with environmental protection. Ensuring the more environmentally sustainable use of agricultural land in the future, however, requires enough foresight to look beyond the more immediate threats borne by the downturn. From this perspective, we need to ensure that the future agricultural policy framework and budget are fit for responding to the increasingly urgent challenges that lie ahead, such as our ability to feed ourselves, the need to shift to a less carbon intensive economy, and to continue to enhance the protection of biodiversity and natural resources.

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IEEP, 13 MAR 2009

On December 11th 2008, a conference organised by CSO (BirdLife International’s Czech partner) and ProBio (the Czech organic farmers' association) addressed two questions: Where should the CAP move after 2013? And, how will it be affected by the revision of the EU budget? The presentations are now available at the CSO website. They include those of 8 Member States who have set out their ideas for the future development of the CAP, as well as contributions on food security and high nature value farming. Ariel Brunner has previously summarised the outcomes of the conference for CAP2020.

Commissioner Fischer-Boel to Speak at the Launch of the Land Use Policy Group's Vision for the Future of the CAP


The Land Use Policy Group will be launching its vision for the future of the CAP on 30 March.

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