July 2010

Public goods centre stage at the CAP post 2013 Conference

IEEP, 30 JUL 2010

The conference held in Brussels on 19 and 20 July on the future CAP was hosted by the Agriculture Commissioner and presented the results of the public consultation launched in April, followed by discussions on the challenges facing agriculture, the environment and rural areas and what solutions might be most appropriate to tackle these.

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Commission Presents GMO Package

IEEP, 29 JUL 2010

Member States now have the freedom to restrict or ban the cultivation of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) on their territory under new co-existence guidelines as part of a new package of legislative and non-legislative measures adopted by the Commission on 13 July.

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Friends of the Earth Consider Resource Use and the CAP

IEEP, 26 JUL 2010

Last month, Friends of the Earth Europe organised a conference in the European Parliament on ‘Measuring Europe’s Resource Use: A vital tool in creating a resource efficient EU’. A full write up of the conference is now available.

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European Parliament Amends Lyon Report

IEEP, 21 JUL 2010

MEPs voted in favour of George Lyon’s own-initiative report on the future of the CAP at a Plenary session in Strasbourg on 8 July. The report was adopted following an additional last minute amendment broadening the issues that should be defined as public goods to include food security and food safety.

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Agriculture Council Recognises Dairy Recommendations

IEEP, 21 JUL 2010

Staged against a backdrop of European milk producer protests, recommendations from the Commission’s High Level Group on Dairy sparked the only major discussion point at the first Agriculture Council under the Belgium Presidency.

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BirdLife Report Finds Link Between Subsidies and Poor Environmental Performance


A new report launched by BirdLife International finds that current CAP spending intensity is not reflecting any nature conservation priorities nor supporting nature-friendly farms in three key European countries.

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EEA Report Suggests CAP Reform Should Address Biodiversity Issues

IEEP, 19 JUL 2010

A new report released by the European Environment Agency (EEA) highlights the upcoming CAP reform as an important opportunity to address the existing shortcomings of the agricultural sector in terms of biodiversity.

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Scoping the Development of the Environmentally Sustainable Production Agenda

IEEP, 07 JUL 2010

This IEEP paper for the Land Use Policy Group (LUPG) sets out the key issues and questions that need to be considered for the establishment of a Sustainable Production Agenda for Europe and explores the implications of these issues for the development of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) for the period 2013 – 2020.

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Quiet Last Agriculture Meeting under Spanish Presidency

IEEP, 06 JUL 2010

Agriculture Ministers had a quiet final gathering under the Spanish Presidency in June’s Agriculture Council held in Luxembourg, where discussions focused on the reopening of negotiations between the EU and the Mercosur bloc, the authorisation of 6 genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and CAP simplification.

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