September 2010

Informal Agriculture Council Focuses on Future CAP

IEEP, 29 SEP 2010

Agriculture Ministers met on 19-21 September for the last Informal Agriculture Council ahead of the release of the Commission’s Communication on the future of the CAP post 2013.

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Franco-German Position on Future of the CAP Released

IEEP, 23 SEP 2010

A common position from France and Germany on the future of the CAP was released on 14 September, in advance of the Informal Agriculture Council in La Hulpe and the anticipated publication of the Commission’s Communication on the EU Budget, due at the end of September. The position paper, with the strapline ‘new challenges and expectations for food, biomass and environment’ calls for a strong CAP with a greater emphasis on market orientation as well as the exploration of insurance schemes and mutual funds to stabilise farmer’s incomes.

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Paper Provides Preview to Informal Council

IEEP, 15 SEP 2010

The Belgium Presidency has released a seven page working document ahead of the forthcoming Informal Agriculture Council to be held in La Hulpe on 19-21 September. The document, entitled ‘Choosing today for a stronger CAP tomorrow’ forms the background for discussion at the Informal meeting.

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Public Goods Emerging as a Central Rationale for Future CAP Support

IEEP, 09 SEP 2010

In this briefing we examine the concept of public goods and analyse how it is currently being used in the debate. A clarification of the term is given and further insight is provided on how the principle may be applied to the CAP, and the tools required to deliver public goods from agriculture to society are assessed.

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